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Welcome to Sisters Bistro, Prague’s on-line delicatessen with two brick and mortar shops. Our open sandwiches can be ordered in any amount (even a really large one!) via our e-shop, including the delivery, or you can buy them direct on Dlouhá street and Spálená street.

In both shops, you will find not only the treasures of Czech cold foods in traditional as well as modern versions, but also desserts from the confectioner Cukrář Skála, excellent coffee and other alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, cold and seasonal drinks.

The preparation of our dishes is based on the traditional Paukert style of cold foods. We are proud of the basis of each open sandwich, which is our home-made mayonnaise from boiled eggs and also our mayonnaise, curd and other salads. Csabai sausage, Hungarian salami, roast meat, roast beef, Moravian smoked meat, cheeses, eggs, spreads, cold mousses, fresh and pickled vegetables are served on our home-baked baguette or square bread.

Apart from modern open sandwiches, we also offer classic spreads and other products from the 1970s and 1980s, which the older generations remember and younger people have heard about.

Our aim is to restore the old glory of Czech cold foods and supply excellent, fresh and perfectly prepared open sandwiches and canapés to many celebrations, conferences and parties in Prague and its surroundings.